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DSP‘s maize breeding program is operated since 2014 in the form of a joint-venture together with the Spanish company Semillas Fitó under the name of “DEFI genetics Ltd.” The principal breeding focus remains the development of maize hybrids for silage and grain use within the FAO range 200 to 300. In addition, trough the exchange respectively the mutual use of Semillas Fitó’s later ripening genetic, the development of hybrids also in the later maturity range will be an objective.

A particular force of the program lies currently in maize varieties for silage use in the range early to medium early. In this respect, the program generated in the last years a number of varieties belonging to the best in the recommended variety lists in Switzerland and the neighbouring countries. The intense screening under Swiss growing conditions is a benefit for Swiss maize growers, because they profit by excellent yield performance and – stability.

The collaboration with Semillas Fitó allows an intensive research work in the field of modern breeding methods. The analysis of the genetic pool was a first common project. Furthermore, the use of genetic markers will progressively improve the selection of tolerance to Helminthosporium. In the future, genetic markers shall treat also much more complex characteristics like digestibility and energy of maize for silage use.

As to the marketing, the collaboration opens up new sales channels through the distribution activities of Semillas Fitó on international markets. This does in no way put into question the good collaboration with our previous commercial partners. We thank them for their engagement in the marketing of our varieties. The increasing multiplication areas and sales figures prove that we have in the market a valuable and demanded alternative to the existing range of varieties.

Alexander Strigens, Breeder and manager of DEFI genetics Ltd.

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