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Delley seeds and plants Ltd (DSP Ltd) is a company active in breeding and development within the Swiss seed branch. It is owned by the Swiss seed producers, which are members of swisssem.

The position of DSP Ltd in the Swiss seed industry:

The most important basic principles to comply with the duties of DSP:

  • Contract with the Federal Office of Agriculture (BLW) about the right of co-ownership and representation of varieties bred by Agroscope in Switzerland and abroad
  • Partnership with the federal research stations Agroscope
  • Co-operation with breeders and variety representatives abroad as well as close contacts and collaboration with branch organizations and private companies in the seed market

Swisssem, the Swiss seed growers association holds 40% of the shares of DSP Ltd whereas the 4 major multipliers organizations ASS, SEMAG, SGD and OSP/NFW hold the remaining 60%. DSP Ltd finances its input mainly by means of royalties which are delivered by the commerce through seed sales of protected varieties.


Delley seeds and plants Ltd
Delley Castle
40, route de Portalban
CH-1567 Delley

+41 26 677 90 20

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